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May 21, 2013

Keeler Centre, Colborne

  • Bob AbramesTickets for $25 - Tickets are now on sale.
  • Time: Doors open at 9am, formal proceedings start at 10am and end around 1pm
  • There will be the usual coffee, juice & snacks, followed by lunch at 12 noon
  • There will be a 'Share the Wealth' draw
  • The keynote speaker is Bob Abrames (at right), the voyageur - his web site
  • We will also hear from Peter Doyle who is currently the President of Probus Canada
  • There will be lots of time for socializing.

Here's a few shots from the 2011 Spring Fling event:

Click any photo below to enlarge

Spring Fling 2011 Spring Fling 2011 - entertainment

Spring Fling -2011 - Piped in Spring Fling 2011